Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer Reading

One of the best parts of summer is the reading;
laying on the beach, on a dock or even on the roof of your apartment
in the city. We love sharing books, even sending them cross country!
It's our very own Chic Coles book club and so we thought
 we'd share with you all. 
Elin Hilderbrand is a favorite. We finished "Summerland", her 2012 
new release a few weeks ago. And although she is one of our faves
and the book is good, we can't say it was amazing. 
A good "beach" read.
This is the book we are reading now; "The Queen's Lover".
And so far the historical fiction is pretty great! If you're a fan of
Marie Antoinette and the French Royal family, we highly recommend it.
Next up, "Beautiful Ruins". We've heard great things
and are hoping that we like it as much as our friends. 
Have you read it or any other great books so far this summer?


JMW said...

I'm reading "Summerland" right now. Good page-turner.

Lisa Mende said...

Thanks for the recommendations! I am reading a book about Coco Chanel right now. It is awesome! She was a trip!

Frances Schultz said...

Our book club has just read "Everybody Was So Young" by Amanda Vaill, about glamour couple Gerald and Sara Murphy, who were part of Paris's famous "lost generation," along with Ernest Hemingway, Picasso, Leger, Diaghelev, Cole Porter, Scott Fitzgerald, John dos Passos etl al. The people they knew and the parties they gave! What style they had! The love story! The tragedy! They are also credited, sort of, with "discovering" the French Riviera, convincing the Hotel du Cap's owner to stay open in the summer months... It's a great read.

5th and State said...

no, i am not reading a summer book but am on the hunt, THANK YOU!!! the queens lover sounds perfect

Chic Coles said...

Thank you all for the suggestions! We better get reading!

Nicole said...

Beautiful Ruins is next up on my list, too!

My favorite book of the summer has been "Gone Girl"- terrific if you like thrillers. Couldn't put it down....

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