Thursday, July 26, 2012

What's New is Old

What's New is Old again. With years of memories of their 
wonderful musty old house on the Vineyard, one family decides to try a new home. 
They want to make sure to keep all the old memories alive and well from the old house.
Louise Brooks, a New Canaan based architect, helped with the architectural transformation, 
while Carole Bancker Vieter Interior Decoration, LLC designed the home.
The new house has all the style and charm of the old house. 
The focus of the house is all about summer. The look of the house is old cottage 
with checks and florals and rag rugs throughout.
It was very important to all family members to keep the style
 of the old house with the new one, so that their memories could stay alive. 
The house is warm and welcoming and not over done. 

*Images Compliments of: New England Home


Laurie said...

How pretty. Thanks for the tour.

Nicole said...

Love that they weren't afraid of color- New Englanders usually play it pretty safe!

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