Friday, August 31, 2012

End of Summer Flowers

At the end of a long week, we like to treat ourselves to one or two bunches of sweet pretty blooms. 
This Friday is certainly no exception. With a long weekend promising fun and relaxation
we thought we'd share a few snaps we've taken the past couple of weeks, here and there. 
Happy Long Weekend Everyone!
Gorgeous blooms outside of Bi-Rite, above and below.
So many gorgeous selections. Mom and Les couldn't believe the beauty!
The biggest hydrangeas we've ever seen. 
While at a client photo shoot we just couldn't believe the volume 
of these - about as big as our heads!
During a trip up to Mill Valley, a cute little flower shop 
had orchids that could quite possibly rival Mom's (and she grows 
a very impressive orchid)!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday Wish List

Welcome! I am so excited to be sharing
some fabulous pieces I found on pinterest
These earrings are so pretty (and only $25)! They're simple
 yet the blue stone really gives them a punch of color. 
The nail polishes are all in the blue family and it's amazing
 how a fresh coat of nail polish can make you feel so wonderful!
I have been trying different colors, currently I have pink! but can't
wait to try some of the darker colors. These are perfect for the pre-fall
transition. As of right now, I love everything with an agate druzy stone, 
especially these wrap bracelets! Do you have anything on your wish list?

Monday, August 27, 2012

On Tour in SF

We have been continuing on with our fun visit in San Francisco with Cassandra. 
The main goal of the visit is to find Leslie an internship for next spring; so food has been the focus.
After our amazing visit to Tartine on Thursday we went to dinner at Zuni on Friday. 
What a fantastic meal we all had, from Santa Cruz Albicore to Salmon
and their famous roasted chicken for two. 
And then down to the Embarcadero on Saturday to look for bakeries and found Miette, which is super cute! On Sunday we visited them again in Hayes Valley. This was our first visit there and it was fun to see all the stores Cassandra visits and shops for clients at. 
But wait before we made it to Hayes Valley back up, we had brunch at Nopa! Wow wee. It was so good. The Carmel apple custard french toast was such it hit along with baked eggs and smoked trout bagels.
OK now back to Hayes valley, Miette was the first stop and they had a help wanted sign in the window. We thought this could be promising, and it was, very helpful and encouraging. Then on to Chantal Guillon were we picked an assortment of Macaroons, like salted caramel, lavender poppy and espresso coffee. Now the hunt for the internship could just go on for so long until we had to break into some home furnishing stores. Quatrine was great to walk through, nice designs and soothing fabrics. 
All in all a great visit. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

A Visit to Tartine

We're keeping this post pretty simple. 
Today we took a visit to the amazing Bakery & Cafe Tartine
Since our lunch time excursion, we keep looking at eachother
and saying, "everything was amazing".
If you're in the area be sure to stop in. It's SO worth it!
(Don't let the line scare you off :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Corporate Chic

It's been almost 3 months since I started
my new job in the corporate world in Houston. 
The biggest transition? Finding cute work clothes 
that I feel stylish, chic and can be 
comfortable while I sit long periods of time at a desk.

The best options have been to get basic bottoms and 
super cute tops {navy, mint, pink}, and 
fabulous accessories {necklaces, handbags, rings and flats}.

Monday, August 20, 2012

So Tasteful & Colorful

Kelee Katillac's 1915 apartment in Kansas City, Missouri is a neoclassical design. 
She has put so much time and effort into getting everything just right. 
One our favorite features are her curtains and shutters as well as her use of the
 color yellow with the grey back drop...the yellow really shines through. 
The yellow wall panels in the living room are a great example
 of how yellow helps to brighten up the room. 

We also love the floral accents seen in the apartment, 
which help to soften the neoclassic design. The apartment is a treasure trove
 of antiques that have been paired with some some fun modern designs. 
This can be seen in the geometric wallpaper used below the chair rail in the dining room. 
The shutters in the dining room are amazing and what a great 
color combination in the thin stripe of pink, orange and cream. 
The feminine touch on the curtains in the drawing room are 
so pretty with the bows at the top of the curtain.
Kelee Katillacs use of color is so beautiful and can be appreciated in 
the turquoise curtains in the master bedroom and the fantastic tie backs she uses. 
She is a very creative designer with style and talent.

*Images Compliments of: House Beautiful

Friday, August 17, 2012

Todd Nickey & Amy Kehoe

While sourcing furniture through 1st Dibs, we came upon the vendor
Nickey Kehoe. Located in Los Angeles, the shop is home to some fabulous 
home furnishing pieces and accessories. What we didn't realize was the amazing design
team behind the shop. Todd Nicky and Amy Kehoe create the most gorgeous
and welcoming residential and commercial spaces. 
We thought we'd share our favorite space with you. 
They created this gorgeous home in Venice Beach and we certainly pinned
all of the images as inspiration. We can't get enough!

The dark hardwood floors, striped rug, green sofa
and bits of natural wood and plants. 
We love this room!
Perfectly cool and whimsical kid's room. 
We think it'd be pretty great for a grown up.
We adore this cozy family room. 
Just imagine curling up with a bowl of popcorn and a movie. 
The wall color is fantastic too!

Be sure to check out their other work as well as their shop
If you're in the neighborhood be sure to pop in. They are located at:
7221 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036

*All photos from Nickey Kehoe website.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

One Kings Lane {Entertaining en Provence}

We were asked by One Kings Lane to use the new
Martha's Stewart Flash Sale Entertaining en Provence 
to create a look that would be perfect for entertaining!

1. Chalkboard Cheese Plate
2.  Olive Wood Scoop
3. Beverage Set with Carafe
4. Antique Pizza Round Board
5. Five Piece Pasta Set
6. Set of 4 Dinner Plates - Seafoam
7. Gent Dining Table
8. Amber Jug Vase

These accessories are such a great way to add a bit of French 
flair and you can use all of the above One Kings Lane products
to host your very own Mediterranean Pizza Party!

Here are a few more ways we at Chic Coles 
create an Entertaining en Provence! 

Thanks to One Kings Lane for sponsoring today's post!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Johanthan Adler for Kohler

Ever since our post on this years House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year
we have wanted to post on Johanthan Adlers enameled cast iron sinks for Kohler. 
His Riverby sink in Annapolis Navy was used in the House Beautiful kitchen. 
What could be better in an all white kitchen than a navy sink. 
His color choices add surprise and punctuation to a room. 
He has designed sinks for the kitchen and the bath. 
The colors are an array of two warm tones and two cool tones, 
consisting of Piccadily Yellow, Greenwich Green, Palermo Blue and Annapolis Navy. 
With this wonderful choice of colors, your kitchen or bath can make you happy and smile!
They will help keep your home design current and up to date, 
if you want an addition of color to your interior in a functional way.

*Images Compliments of : Kohler