Friday, August 31, 2012

End of Summer Flowers

At the end of a long week, we like to treat ourselves to one or two bunches of sweet pretty blooms. 
This Friday is certainly no exception. With a long weekend promising fun and relaxation
we thought we'd share a few snaps we've taken the past couple of weeks, here and there. 
Happy Long Weekend Everyone!
Gorgeous blooms outside of Bi-Rite, above and below.
So many gorgeous selections. Mom and Les couldn't believe the beauty!
The biggest hydrangeas we've ever seen. 
While at a client photo shoot we just couldn't believe the volume 
of these - about as big as our heads!
During a trip up to Mill Valley, a cute little flower shop 
had orchids that could quite possibly rival Mom's (and she grows 
a very impressive orchid)!


Stesha said...

i love these flowers. Flowers are probably my fav part of summer time!


mikky said...

Those first flowers are gorgeous. Such great colours.
Bet they smell great too!


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