Monday, August 6, 2012

Home Barn Design

We are so excited to be starting on a new project...We going to start the renovation on a farm. 
What a wonderful idea, barn living. The soaring ceilings, the exposed beams, 
the large barn doors being swung open to the out doors with a summer breezing coming through. 
We will be sure to photograph the process. The barn we are working needs a great deal of work but we are up to the challenge! One of the best joys of design work and renovation is seeing life and love coming back to the building you are working on. It is simply thrilling.

*Images Compliments of: Architectural Digest


5th and State said...

congratulations! what a dream project & in your hands will be stunning, and to think we can come along.......
a long held dream is to convert a stone barn with massive support beams, in a meadow, that i would of course live in....sigh
wishing you a great week!

designchic said...

We are in the throws of a beach house renovation. Can hardly wait to follow along on your farm house renovation...anxious to see pictures!!

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