Friday, August 10, 2012

Ikea Finds

We all know there are certain things we can rely on from Ikea...
inexpensive furniture for a temporary living space, clean lines and 
simple design, quick fix to a difficult design situation and of course
the $1 cinnamon buns that I get every time I go there. 

Now and again, I like to go to the Ikea store to see the new pieces
they are doing, from textiles to artwork. I love the picture on the
Ikea website of all of the fabrics and pillows, they're really fun
and a great way to spruce up a space with bright colors.

The other item that really caught my eye was the 
Premair artwork. I could not decide between the 
large world map, (you all know my love for maps)
or the large wave
Both are 78 3/4"w x 55" h 

While the wave would go well with my coastal chic 
theme of my apartment, I thought it would look better in 
a beach house actually on the water. So I went with the map
I love it. It takes up a large part of my wall and makes such 
a statement! I will share more pictures when I have them!


A Perfect Gray said...

some of ikea's black and white fabrics are awesome. donna

Matters of Style said...

Love both of those!

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