Monday, August 27, 2012

On Tour in SF

We have been continuing on with our fun visit in San Francisco with Cassandra. 
The main goal of the visit is to find Leslie an internship for next spring; so food has been the focus.
After our amazing visit to Tartine on Thursday we went to dinner at Zuni on Friday. 
What a fantastic meal we all had, from Santa Cruz Albicore to Salmon
and their famous roasted chicken for two. 
And then down to the Embarcadero on Saturday to look for bakeries and found Miette, which is super cute! On Sunday we visited them again in Hayes Valley. This was our first visit there and it was fun to see all the stores Cassandra visits and shops for clients at. 
But wait before we made it to Hayes Valley back up, we had brunch at Nopa! Wow wee. It was so good. The Carmel apple custard french toast was such it hit along with baked eggs and smoked trout bagels.
OK now back to Hayes valley, Miette was the first stop and they had a help wanted sign in the window. We thought this could be promising, and it was, very helpful and encouraging. Then on to Chantal Guillon were we picked an assortment of Macaroons, like salted caramel, lavender poppy and espresso coffee. Now the hunt for the internship could just go on for so long until we had to break into some home furnishing stores. Quatrine was great to walk through, nice designs and soothing fabrics. 
All in all a great visit. 


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