Friday, August 3, 2012

Vizcaya, Miami

A couple of months ago, we shared with you a few of our Road Trip stops;
the first up Miami. We wanted to show you one of our favorite 
visits while in the beautiful city by the turquoise water. 
We took a morning trip to Vizcaya and it was breathtaking, even if the sun
didn't want to come out.
Built by agricultural industrialist James Deering in 1916. 
The property features a Main House, ten acres of formal gardens, 
a "casino" building and a native forest. 
The area that is now Vizcaya was swamps and mangroves, 
completely uninhabited before Deering decided to build here; 
which makes it all the more impressive that this beautiful place is here. 
The grounds are absolutely breathtaking, as well as the architecture and interiors. 
(Unfortunately, no photographs were allowed inside)
We had to include this one, because our handsome Dad 
very rarely makes an appearance on Chic Coles. Hey Dad!
These are two very interesting aspects of the property.
The first being that Deering was extremely thoughtful to his employees, even 
having paths on hills built with tracks so that wagons were easier to 
bring up. The second being the amount of carved coral throughout.
This building is known as the "Casino". A small outer building 
that was used for relaxation; a place people could escape the 
formality of the main house. It was intimate and beautiful. 
This was a quick shot we took of one of the Casino rooms; which
there are two of. One on either side of the building, 
with an open breezeway in between.
Besides the breathtaking gardens and interiors, the pool 
stood out as creative and the colors were gorgeous. 
An inside/outside pool allowed a choice and privacy for his guests.
We can't recommend this gorgeous piece of history enough. 
If you find yourself in Miami, it's certainly worth a visit!
And be sure to head over to their website where you can see images
of the interiors


Anonymous said...

Super fun trip. Great memories. A highlight of the trip. Wonderful photographs.

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