Thursday, August 2, 2012

Williams Knife Company

When Melissa went off to New Orleans, she had her own beautiful apartment. 
Her kitchen, however,  was not really the best. 
Now she is in a fantastic kitchen and hopes to be cooking much more. 
She really did not have a great set of knifes though. 
 So we have been looking around for a great set for her. 
Tese are probably a little bit out of the budget, but oh so beautiful. 
Cassandra could also use one of the oyster knifes with all 
of the oysters she has the luxury of eating in San Francisco.

The Williams Knife Company is a boutique knife company 
that produces pure art in the form of crafted knifes. 
They are considered a work of art. 
Williams has a very high standards with his knifes.
 He insists that all of his knifes have form and function. 
The Handles are made of beautiful materials like mother of pearl, 
abalone, and a wide variety of domestic and exotic woods. 
The knifes have wonderful names, for example,  the Damascus Edisto oyster knife, 
made with Damascus steel. There is the Chehesse, Waccamaw and the Wando knifes. 
What a pleasure and sheer joy it would be to own a Williams knife.

*Images Compliments of: Williams Knife Company


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