Friday, September 28, 2012

Pattern Play at Jonathan Adler

One of my favorite streets to stroll up and down on a nice afternoon is Fillmore Street. It's always been a cute neighborhood, even when I lived there seven years ago. But since I've moved to a different area it's been fun to see Fillmore really become a hip little place. With new restaurants like my favorite Jane and clothing shop Heidi Says, I love grabbing lunch and perusing all the goodies.
And this past weekend was no exception. One stop I'd been looking forward to was the new Jonathan Adler store, that had just revamped and reopened their store. When I was walking through their beautiful store, I snapped a few shots of all the fun patterns. 
This chair was just dying to come home with, and the cute little pillow too!
Be sure to stop in if your in the neighborhood, they've got some really special goodies!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Around the Globe

How classic and fun is this antique style Globe Bar?
I posted it in my recent Houzz Ideabook, Travel Inspired Entertaining,
 and even though I would rather have it as a piece of furniture
 in my house than really utilize the actual bar function of it, 
I love the style and hidden feature it possesses. 

The premise is quite simple. The globe opens up to 
an array of glasses...a type of bar cart if you will. The old
world charm and antique style on the outside is sophisticated and
elegant and the inside is unique and resourceful. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Atlanta Decorators Show House 2012

The Atlanta Symphony Decorators Show House 2012 was such a highlight to the summer. 
We really like to view this show house with all its warmth and layering of textures. 
The style had a strong element of traditional designing that was so comfortable, 
 livable and there was a nice flow that could be sensed from room to room. 
What a very pretty show house, with beautiful fabrics and colors!

Images Compliments of: Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles

Friday, September 21, 2012

Alexa Pulitzer Stationary

This is a little peak at my work desk. And that fantastic mousepad notepad 
is the newest addition. It was a gift all the way from Maine, thanks to Grant! 
I love it and how happy it makes my desk!
The company that makes it has a bunch of other really great
pieces. Alexa Pulitzer has created great notepads, cards and 
other stationary items. They are all perfectly whimsical. Take a look!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


It's amazing how mundane it can become to dress 
for a corporate job, where you have to look a 
certain way and dress in professional clothing. Pencil
skirts and black pants, sweaters and dark colors have all
become a part of my wardrobe. I do, however, have a couple
of professional, tailored pieces that fit the mold for work 
and make you feel feminine and pretty for the long day ahead. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Displays and Organization

Canadian House and Home featured these wonderful ways to display all of your precious things in such a neat and orderly manor. It is hard not to come away inspired to use some of their tricks and ideas. We love all the organization it can bring to the home. When your house is neat and really put together, it is a pleasure to be in. Some of their great ideas are:

~Open Display Carts
~Tidy Bar Tray 
~Glass Bowl for Matchsticks
~Collection of Candy Dishes for Storing Business Cards
~Display Trays
 ~Neatly Folded Color-Coded Blankets
~Stacked Wooden Boxes 

This is the time of year to start putting away the warm weather clothes and getting ready for the cold days ahead. Things are getting cleaned out and organized, we hope!

Need more organization ideas? 
Check out these blogs dedicated to helping others
live organized conscious lives!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Sprucing Things Up

In an attempt to spruce things up a bit on my outdoor patio, a trip to Sloat Garden Center was in order. I like to go to the one by Ocean Beach. Their selection of succulents is fantastic, they really must like the salty sea air. We got a mixture of succulents, cactus, lavandula and the larger bush is a myrica or California wax myrtle. It's so lovely looking out the large sliding glass doors to see the bursts of green. 
Now the sprucing up starts. Unfortunately we have this lovely "fencing" that is just part of the building. Oh renting :). In an attempt to beautify things, my inspiration is below. I love the green mixed with the slate greys, cement and natural elements. 
Ever since I saw the two above images (the last image is from a gorgeous blog, check it out), I've been trying to source planters that resemble this feeling. The below is what I've come up with so far. Any ideas are welcome! I'm thinking a mix of all three will look great. 

A few other planter ideas, from a previous post I did on my beloved interior succulents. Do you have a green thumb? I'd love to hear how you use planters. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Flirty Skirts

I find myself being drawn to skirts more and more, 
especially since joining the corporate world. There is 
something to be said about how comfortable a flirty skirt
is for work, and being able to walk while wearing an outfit
for 10+ hours a day. These skirts are super fun, on trend, 
(with the peplum detail of course) and skirts that I would
love to add to my rotation of work clothes!

clockwise from top left: 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Easy Decorating Ideas

We are always looking for fun fresh ideas to decorate with. But there are also some tried and true ideas that are fool proof and work really well, almost always.

First off collect anything in large numbers. One of our favorite collections is plates, which you can then hang them on the wall for a great impact.
Next the fantastic and fun idea of using wallpaper. Or fabric on vinyl curtains or plain roller shades.
One of the all time important and super easy ideas, if you have the room to do it, is to move your furniture away from the wall.
These are some fun and easy ideas for decorating.
Images Compliments of: House Beautiful

Friday, September 7, 2012

A Few Favorites at Jayson Home

One of our top places to source classic pieces of furniture with 
a gorgeous and unexpected twist, is Jayson Home. 
Their furniture line is always impeccable, as well as their fun and unique
accessories. Their catalogue just showed up in our mailbox and we
thought we'd share a few of our favorites. 
(Oh, P.S. they are having a great sale on upholstered pieces)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Life via Instagram

I have been actively trying to take more 
pictures of activities and things I see in the 
world around me. I love my instagram. It really
makes the pictures come out so much better than 
a regular iphone camera. Below are a few moments 
I captured within the last week. 

My new monogram bedding I received from my chic Gaga
A picture of a steeple in the distance, overlooking a pond
Joey and I at an Astro's game last weekend
Awesome mason jar glasses from an impromptu burger joint
Last night, we made chicken and rice stuffed tomatoes, 
they were super cheap, quick and delicious. The best part
was that I felt full after two and they were very easy to make. 
I don't like cooked tomatoes, I find they get too soft, so the 
harder shell of the tomato was great for me.

1. Hollow out your tomatoes (we used a serrated spoon, 
the kind you use to eat grapefruit, it worked perfectly!)
2. Cook rice pilaf and chicken 
3. Cut the chicken into small pieces and
stir in with the rice pilaf
4. Put the rice and chicken into the hollowed out tomatoes
5. I sprinkled some salt and pepper over the top of mine for 
a little bit of extra flavoring and I loved them!

I am highly obsessed with eating tomatoes, Joey thought 
they were a little bit too much but it was fun to try something different!
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Monday, September 3, 2012

Summer's Last Hoorah

With labor day coming to an end today, we are looking back
 on the summer saying where did it go? Les is back at school, classes start Tuesday.
 We had so much fun with her home for the summer. We are in Miami getting
 her all settled in for her Sophomore year. The sun and beach are so beautiful in Miami.
It has inspired use to decorate in white, navy's and sea foam greens. The work of design firm,
 Les Ensembliers in Montreal has been featured by Canadian House and Home 
for at least three years now. The have a collection of their work featured through the years. 
Their interiors are so light and airy with such a beach feel to them. 
We really love their selection of statement fabrics that they feature on the pillows. 
This is a great way to play up a room and give it life and character. 
Hope everyone one has a wonderful Labor Day, with rest and relaxation.

*Images Compliments of: Canadian House and Home, Les Ensembliers Design,  
Photographer Jean Longpre