Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Life via Instagram

I have been actively trying to take more 
pictures of activities and things I see in the 
world around me. I love my instagram. It really
makes the pictures come out so much better than 
a regular iphone camera. Below are a few moments 
I captured within the last week. 

My new monogram bedding I received from my chic Gaga
A picture of a steeple in the distance, overlooking a pond
Joey and I at an Astro's game last weekend
Awesome mason jar glasses from an impromptu burger joint
Last night, we made chicken and rice stuffed tomatoes, 
they were super cheap, quick and delicious. The best part
was that I felt full after two and they were very easy to make. 
I don't like cooked tomatoes, I find they get too soft, so the 
harder shell of the tomato was great for me.

1. Hollow out your tomatoes (we used a serrated spoon, 
the kind you use to eat grapefruit, it worked perfectly!)
2. Cook rice pilaf and chicken 
3. Cut the chicken into small pieces and
stir in with the rice pilaf
4. Put the rice and chicken into the hollowed out tomatoes
5. I sprinkled some salt and pepper over the top of mine for 
a little bit of extra flavoring and I loved them!

I am highly obsessed with eating tomatoes, Joey thought 
they were a little bit too much but it was fun to try something different!
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Hello, I love your blog. Amei essa receita de tomate recheado, vou fazer.
Obrigada por compartilhar.
Have a nice week.
Minha vida de campo.

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