Friday, September 28, 2012

Pattern Play at Jonathan Adler

One of my favorite streets to stroll up and down on a nice afternoon is Fillmore Street. It's always been a cute neighborhood, even when I lived there seven years ago. But since I've moved to a different area it's been fun to see Fillmore really become a hip little place. With new restaurants like my favorite Jane and clothing shop Heidi Says, I love grabbing lunch and perusing all the goodies.
And this past weekend was no exception. One stop I'd been looking forward to was the new Jonathan Adler store, that had just revamped and reopened their store. When I was walking through their beautiful store, I snapped a few shots of all the fun patterns. 
This chair was just dying to come home with, and the cute little pillow too!
Be sure to stop in if your in the neighborhood, they've got some really special goodies!


Jamie Herzlinger said...

I absolutely love Jonathan Adler. These textiles are amazing! I hope I get to use some of his pieces in my next project! Great post!

Love, Jamie Herzlinger

Amy said...

I love Jonathan Adler! That zebra print chair is amazing.

Frances Schultz said...

What a fun post this was. Thanks for letting us walk with you1

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