Friday, September 14, 2012

Sprucing Things Up

In an attempt to spruce things up a bit on my outdoor patio, a trip to Sloat Garden Center was in order. I like to go to the one by Ocean Beach. Their selection of succulents is fantastic, they really must like the salty sea air. We got a mixture of succulents, cactus, lavandula and the larger bush is a myrica or California wax myrtle. It's so lovely looking out the large sliding glass doors to see the bursts of green. 
Now the sprucing up starts. Unfortunately we have this lovely "fencing" that is just part of the building. Oh renting :). In an attempt to beautify things, my inspiration is below. I love the green mixed with the slate greys, cement and natural elements. 
Ever since I saw the two above images (the last image is from a gorgeous blog, check it out), I've been trying to source planters that resemble this feeling. The below is what I've come up with so far. Any ideas are welcome! I'm thinking a mix of all three will look great. 

A few other planter ideas, from a previous post I did on my beloved interior succulents. Do you have a green thumb? I'd love to hear how you use planters. 


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