Thursday, October 4, 2012

Classic New England Style

Happy Birthday Dad!

Our dad, whose birthday happens to fall during one of the best
 times of the year, has always had the best style. He is the 
epitome of New England Classic and he always 
looks put together. Every birthday and every Christmas
there is always something from JCrew or Banana Repubic, 
Barbour or LL Bean (he loves slipper mocs!) for him
and more often than not, he gets complimented on his style!
My favorite look is the one i've put together below. A pair of dark
khakis, a cowl neck sweater, a dark belt, great pair of sunglasses,
a nice jacket (our family's go to Barbour Jacket) and of course
the LLBean slipper mocs. With an outfit like this, you can't go wrong!


briannelee said...

I put a similar outfit together for myself on my blog today :)

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