Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall Bedroom Nesting

With the fall weather fast approaching, the nest of a cozy bed room is very appealing. And with a bit of a stupid fall this past Friday that sent me to the hospital; causing me to spend my weekend in bed, it got me thinking of my own bed/bedroom. 
Of course looking at these beautiful beds rooms gives me so much inspiration. The bedroom is a great room to decorate. The one part that I find to be a bit of a challenge is the bed itself. With a number of different designs to choose from it can be a very big decision. Whether you like upholstered, framed, canopy or iron beds, it should be your sanctuary. Enjoy these beautifully designed bedrooms and we hope they give you some ideas for your own bedroom.
Images Compliments of: Better Homes and Gardens



I have padded headboards in my room and they work for me! Hope your OK from your fall.

Chi chi Furniture said...

Wow, all these rooms are great and so different. My favourite is the green bed as it feels calming, but even the black bed works and suits the style of the room, its interesting that when you get the balance between colour, room size and pattern right, you can do almost anything - great pictures.

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