Monday, October 1, 2012

Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Martyn Lawrence Bullard is an award winning Los Angeles 
based interior designer. We are so drawn to his inspirational use of color. 
His trademark style can be seen in his amazing attention to detail. 
His interiors have so much creativity and style. 
He achieves this inspiration from his travel and historical references that he 
applies to his design work. Bullard has a wonderful selection of fabrics that reflect his 
design style of graphics and wonderful color ways. These fabrics are a blend of silks, linens and burlap. 
Their selection of hand embroidered raw cottons are a signature of his beautiful fabric line. 
We find these fabrics so appealing and would love to use 
them in a project to add understated elegance and style.  


rani said...

I like drawing design, very nice.
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designchic said...

Such a chic and distinctive design - love his use of color!


He's so good....can't wait for Million Dollar Decorators to start again!!

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