Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Navy and Cream {Transitional Outfit}

More often than not, I abide by the no white after labor day rule. 
I honestly don't care if I see someone in white jeans and it's the 
middle of october, if your climate is warm, wear whatever you 
can to stay comfortable and stylish. For me, however, by the time
October rolls around, I want to be in warm sweaters, jeans, dark colored
tops and outfits that really scream fall, even if it is still 90 in the south. 

I do not classify off-white, cream or beige to be in this rule and 
therefore find myself wearing what I consider "winter white" a 
color grouping that looks great with navy, burgundy, black and gray. 
at $128, I knew I would have to get a lot of wear out of this. I am going 
to pair it with a pair of Limited Cream pants and a great pair of pumps.
Since this transitional time is so unpredictable, I always have a sweater 
wrap handy to accomodate for unexpected cold fronts.


designchic said...

The perfect outfit for the shoes!!

Kathysue said...

Very chic, love that top and winter white is a favorite of mine. I love to wear it head to toe with lots of pearls and chains around my neck!! Come by and read my post about how I would incorporate pink into my Fall wardrobe!!
xo Kathysue

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