Monday, December 10, 2012

Apartment Style

We wanted to put together a little selection of furniture for a first time apartment. 
This is always such a struggle to have a stylish setting and grouping of furniture within 
a great price point. When selecting furniture for a first time apartment,
 you always want to have in mind that the furniture should be versatile 
for different spaces as life goes on. The bed or sofa you have in your first apartment may 
some day be in a guest room or den in years to come. This is why we turned to Broyhill 
for selection and style. These are some of the base pieces that could work so 
well with different style of rugs, lamps and mirror that one can choose to add. 
These are great basic pieces that will accessorize beautifully.

*Images Compliments of: Broyhill Furniture


My Love Wedding Ring said...

Can't decide whether I love the oatmeal chair or the wooden table more...decisions decisions!!

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