Wednesday, February 20, 2013

J. Antonio Farfan Artwork

If you follow me on Instagram (melissaocole), you will have seen this 
stunning piece of artwork from J. Antonio Farfan - I snapped
 a picture of it while at brunch at Roots Boutique in Houston, TX. 
The colors really made me fall in love and the bold abstract feel, along 
with the pure size of the piece just really caught my eye. I couldn't help
but stare at it all the while I was at the restaurant and luckily I sat on the
table facing it directly. The pink, orange and navy combined with the gray 
and purples at the bottom makes this piece unique and just outstanding. 

(sorry for the instagram quality photo!)
Below are additional pieces from J. Antonio Farfan, the Houston
based artists - and while he doesn't have a website I could find, the few
 pieces I did see have me wanting to see more!


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