Monday, March 4, 2013

Charming Exterior Planting

With spring around the corner...I mean it, it is, even though we got more 
snow last night, the seed catalogs have been opened and seeds have been order. 
We are so exciting to see them sprout up and start to grow. 
We plant a lot of annuals and perennials here in the 
early summer and we grow all our own flowers. 
We love all that color, but sometimes we just like the 
simply style of boxwood's and all-green plantings. 
So here are some images of just that!
The palladian style shutters that flank the front door have
 boxwood shrubbery on both sides of the walk way. 
The planters with boxwoods are so simple and traditional. 
The last image below with white and green painted doors 
with boxwood topiaries is just so fun, but classic at the same time. 
Does this have you thinking about spring?

Images Compliments of: Southern Living, Photo's by Laurey Glenn


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