Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wingback Headboard

Currently, I am sleeping in a full size bed - it is the same bed I had in college with a pillow top mattress and I have absolutely loved it...I am having major anxiety about upgrading my bed to a king - I will have to get all new sheets (talk to my mom about this one - I have the largest selection of sheets for my full mattress that get switched out weekly), a new mattress and a new headboard. Although I am hoping to keep my current bed for a future guest bedroom, the idea of getting a linen navy tufted wingback headboard for my next bed is making it all worth it! 


Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous room you've put together! Can't wait to see it come together.

Zara @ OnlinePhDUK said...

I simply adore the Wingback bed. Its color though simple and manly is perfect. Plus the lamp shades will definitely give a much sophisticated and sassy look. Whatever makes you happy and comfortable, then go for it girl! I’m pretty excited for the results. Can you show us more when it’s done? Thanks!

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