Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide - Big Things Come in Small Packages

How excited would it be to open 
any of these gifts this holiday season?
They are big presents that come in small 
is brand new and will be the item i'm most
excited for on Christmas morning!

Big Things come in Small Packages

These Anthropologie Jeweled Hair Ties add a bit of sparkle

The Becca Make Up Brush has completely transformed
the way I apply make up. Use with foundation, bronzer, blush and 
an overall face highlighter.

A pair of Loren Hope statement earrings will go a long way at your holiday
party or dinner with your family! 

Have an original piece of artwork on your phone! These
Elise Allen Art Iphone Cases are stunning (and #1 on my wishlist!)

favorite this holiday season. Diptyque is a favorite of my mom's!

I find I can never be without a Polka Dot Notebook - I am constantly
writing down ideas and notes.

I have always wanted a Druzy Bracelet. This particular one completely
caught my eye. It is bold but also delicate enough for everyday wear.

Who doesn't love receiving Hanky Panky panties? These would be 
great for stocking stuffers ;)

Friday, November 22, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide - For Him

While it is a lot easier to put together a wish list for her,
but I had some great help from my boyfriend putting together
the holiday wish list For Him

I hit the jackpot when I heard "I love that Lamp!"
really well as bedside table lamps in a shared master bedroom.

 It doesn't get more masculine than having a great watch
that can withstand a lot of usage. The Luminox Blackout Watch
is my top contender!

You can't go wrong with a pair of LL Bean Slippers
They're cute and comfortable and who dosen't like having 
cozy footwear when you get home from a long day of work?

I thought this wine holder was a very unique and fun way to 
display wine bottles. Reclaimed Wood is masculine and 
this is a gift for your man and your home!

Living in the south, it is always important to have a great
pair of sunglasses. These Costa Sunglasses have a reputation
for being durable and great for golfing and fishing!

What is better than a guy that smells dreamy?
I love this Burberry Brit Rhythm cologne and the 
bottle is pretty awesome too!

For a  guy who has to be clean shaven for work everyday, 
wouldn't it be nice to treat him to a nice shave kit?
Make his mornings easier. 

Think a shave kit will make his morning easier?
This Keurig coffee maker is a great gift and one that will keep
him energized throughout the day. 

The Fitbit Activity Tracker is my favorite gift on this entire
gift guide. Whether it's walking, biking or an intense workout, 
this is a great gift to motivate the guy in your life to stay active!

The mega cooler of all coolers is the Yeti Tundra. Known to 
be impenetrable to Grizzly bears - it dosen't get more manly than that!
Perfect for the man that loves the outdoors.

Here are a couple more ideas for the man in your life:

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide - Clothing and Accessories

I am hoping for a least a few of these items on this list!
The sweater is my all-time favorite and there a some 
great pieces i'm hoping to try! 

Every Christmas, I always receive at least one 
piece of clothing - either a nice pair of jeans, clothes for work, 
or an everyday sweater. Last year, my grandmother got me the 
light purple Tippi Sweater from JCrew - and I have lived in it!
Since then, I have purchased the bright pink one and i'm really 
hoping for this periwinkle one too!

I love the dark color of these DL1961 Flare Jeans
they can be dressed up for the holidays or worn with a t-shirt as
an everyday look. 

I have had my eye on the Louis Vuitton Speedy 35
for a few years now. Although it is at the top of 
the budget, I am a firm believer of quality over
quantity. This bag is so well made and is one that I 
will have for a long time!

I have recently started using the Benefit They're Real Mascara
and I am so glad I switched! This mascara makes my
eyelashes look long and dark and really brighten up my eyes!
It comes highly recommended!
The Laura Mericer Lip Glace has been a favorite of mine
for a while, and I was so excited when I saw the
Mini Lip Glace Collection - it has all of the colors 
required to looking fabulous this holiday season!

I have a major obsession with perfume and this
Jo Malone perfume is #1 on  my list!
(Also known as Kate Middleton's favorite!)

Banana Republic has done it again! This time
it is with these leather booties - perfect for work
or brunch with your family! These are a staple
for my fall and winter wardrobe!

I'm going to let you in on a little secret - Tan Towels!
I have never used such an easy self-tanning method and 
the result is a natural looking tan - as if you got a healthy
dose of sun, even though you've been holed up indoors
for months. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Holiday Wish List - For Her

It has been quite some time since we've been here at Chic Coles - 
it always seemed that life got in the way and unfortunately the thing 
that got pushed aside was the daily writing and visiting with all of our readers.
For the last four months, there have been ideas in the back of my mind for ways
 I could get back into the blog world, and what better time than during the holidays!
I have compiled multiple holiday wish lists ranging from the 
For Her
to a guide for buying gifts for the men in your life, clothing and accessories
and a  guide for those with pets!
I hope you enjoy these "wish lists" -  a lot of the pieces featured are ones that I myself am
wanting this holiday season, others come from suggestions of my friends and family
 who are already creating their wish lists. There are only 36 days until Christmas...
the holidays will be here before we know it! 

Limited Edition - Laura Mercier Luxe Color Dual Decker
Color for Eyes and Cheeks has all of my favorite colors - including
Morning Dew, Sable, Dusk and African Violet. Don't forget about
the 4 liners - 1 pencil and 3 tight liners, blush and bronzer. It's an all-in-one.
Plus it comes in an absolutely stunning faux shagreen magnetic case
(the closure reminds me of a leopard shell!)

With 2014 right around the corner,
this Fuschia Embossed Python Leather Planner will keep
all of your plans in one spot! Plus, the color is fabulous.

Every stylish girl needs a classic black bag. I love the shape
of this one - it is really chic! This tote is also a great staple and
these clutches are great for a night out.

I have tried a lot of different hairbrushes and the
Mason Pearson hairbrush makes my hair tangle-free
and super shiny. I also highly recommend the
Goody Quick Style Paddle Brush it's awesome!

Anything that Tocca makes is amazing and this
Tocca Stella Body Cream is sure to make you
feel and smell great.

Gold Druzy Studs are on the top of my list
this holiday - they're made in Hawaii and are
some of the most beautiful earring's i've ever seen!

Spruce up your stationary - you will be writing a lot
of thank you notes and you will want to have
stationary with gold leopard print envelopes...or at least I do!

If you love the Dyptique candles, you will love the
perfumes they recently came out with! I received a
sample scent and wear it everyday.

My family always has the Nest Holiday Edition Candle
burning in out home winter season. It just
smells like Christmas!

Up next? For Him!