Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide - Big Things Come in Small Packages

How excited would it be to open 
any of these gifts this holiday season?
They are big presents that come in small 
is brand new and will be the item i'm most
excited for on Christmas morning!

Big Things come in Small Packages

These Anthropologie Jeweled Hair Ties add a bit of sparkle

The Becca Make Up Brush has completely transformed
the way I apply make up. Use with foundation, bronzer, blush and 
an overall face highlighter.

A pair of Loren Hope statement earrings will go a long way at your holiday
party or dinner with your family! 

Have an original piece of artwork on your phone! These
Elise Allen Art Iphone Cases are stunning (and #1 on my wishlist!)

favorite this holiday season. Diptyque is a favorite of my mom's!

I find I can never be without a Polka Dot Notebook - I am constantly
writing down ideas and notes.

I have always wanted a Druzy Bracelet. This particular one completely
caught my eye. It is bold but also delicate enough for everyday wear.

Who doesn't love receiving Hanky Panky panties? These would be 
great for stocking stuffers ;)


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