Friday, November 22, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide - For Him

While it is a lot easier to put together a wish list for her,
but I had some great help from my boyfriend putting together
the holiday wish list For Him

I hit the jackpot when I heard "I love that Lamp!"
really well as bedside table lamps in a shared master bedroom.

 It doesn't get more masculine than having a great watch
that can withstand a lot of usage. The Luminox Blackout Watch
is my top contender!

You can't go wrong with a pair of LL Bean Slippers
They're cute and comfortable and who dosen't like having 
cozy footwear when you get home from a long day of work?

I thought this wine holder was a very unique and fun way to 
display wine bottles. Reclaimed Wood is masculine and 
this is a gift for your man and your home!

Living in the south, it is always important to have a great
pair of sunglasses. These Costa Sunglasses have a reputation
for being durable and great for golfing and fishing!

What is better than a guy that smells dreamy?
I love this Burberry Brit Rhythm cologne and the 
bottle is pretty awesome too!

For a  guy who has to be clean shaven for work everyday, 
wouldn't it be nice to treat him to a nice shave kit?
Make his mornings easier. 

Think a shave kit will make his morning easier?
This Keurig coffee maker is a great gift and one that will keep
him energized throughout the day. 

The Fitbit Activity Tracker is my favorite gift on this entire
gift guide. Whether it's walking, biking or an intense workout, 
this is a great gift to motivate the guy in your life to stay active!

The mega cooler of all coolers is the Yeti Tundra. Known to 
be impenetrable to Grizzly bears - it dosen't get more manly than that!
Perfect for the man that loves the outdoors.

Here are a couple more ideas for the man in your life:


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