Thursday, April 10, 2014

Iris Farm Project {Wallpaper}

We are currently working on a historical restoration project of a farmhouse
in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. It was originally a milk farm, 
used to provide milk to Peckett's on Sugar Hill and surrounding establishments
in Sugar Hill and Franconia, NH. Presently, it is part of the Peckett's on Sugar Hill
property and will be used as a rental home for those wanting to stay in a piece of history!

While the main focus is on the kitchen and bathrooms, we have been 
asked to source floral wallpapers to bring the home back to it's original glory. 
The floral wallpaper will be installed in the hallway between the large kitchen 
and living room, as well as on the wall leading upstairs to the four bedrooms. 

We are presenting wallpaper options tomorrow - stay tuned on 
the final selection and installation!

Clockwise from Top Left

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Style Obsession - The O Bag

I found this image on Pinterest and was so intrigued by this bag!
After a bit of research, I found it! It comes in multiple colors and sizes
and you can customize the handles and accessories. It comes from the UK,
so i'm not sure what the shipping is like, but it is definitely worth a try. 

Designed in Italy, these bags are molded from EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate),
making the bags soft, waterproof and lightweight! Perfect for kids or for the beach...
or in my case, everyday! They're so cute and I love the Steel Gray with the rope handles

*I do not have a source for the outfit image - if you know who it belongs to, or it is your image, please let me know so I can give the proper credit!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Cooking an Artichoke

Happy Friday! Sorry for the silence this week - 
I was preparing for a very exciting job interview (it was yesterday) 
at an amazing company, so I had to focus 
all of my attention on an interview project. I am excited to say, 
I was asked back for a 3rd interview next week! 
It is an incredible opportunity, so i'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Last night, as I was talking to my mom about dinner, 
she mentioned she was having artichoke hearts. 
Of course, I ran to the store to get my own -- 
and since I am a beginner cook, she had to walk me through 
all of the steps for cooking this said artichoke. 
Well, I am happy to say, it worked out very well and my 
dinner was extremely delicious. I wanted to share the process, 
as I will be following these steps often. 
(Thanks mom for the great suggestion!)