Friday, April 4, 2014

Cooking an Artichoke

Happy Friday! Sorry for the silence this week - 
I was preparing for a very exciting job interview (it was yesterday) 
at an amazing company, so I had to focus 
all of my attention on an interview project. I am excited to say, 
I was asked back for a 3rd interview next week! 
It is an incredible opportunity, so i'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Last night, as I was talking to my mom about dinner, 
she mentioned she was having artichoke hearts. 
Of course, I ran to the store to get my own -- 
and since I am a beginner cook, she had to walk me through 
all of the steps for cooking this said artichoke. 
Well, I am happy to say, it worked out very well and my 
dinner was extremely delicious. I wanted to share the process, 
as I will be following these steps often. 
(Thanks mom for the great suggestion!)


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