Monday, June 30, 2014

Reading Nooks

Last week, my Guest Picks: Make a Reading Nook Retreat, was featured on the Houzz 
main page website. I was so excited, because as you see, i've always wanted to have my 
very own reading nook. I was able to compile everything that I would love 
to have into this houzz ideabook to file away for future reference! Things such as fun 
artwork, comfortable pillows, throw blankets and of course the cushion, bookshelves, 
ample lighting, a fragrant candle and curtains that will enable 
me to have a bit of privacy to get lost in a good book or magazine. 

To view my sources and additional design ideas for putting together a reading nook, 
or to see any of my other Houzz ideabooks, view my profile here!

*All reading nook images can be found in my 
Pinterest Reading Nook board, along with a couple more!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Must Read Books for the Entrepreneur

There has been a shift from the historical role of women 
in the last 50 years that has influenced the new generation 
of women in the workplace. As a 25 year old female, 
I have been feeling a little bit lost as I feel the need to be 
working in a corporate company in a big city. While that may be great for some, 
I have the passion and drive to create my own business, peruse my entrepreneurial spirit
and make something of myself with this said business. I picked up three books recently,
that I wanted to share with you, all about making your dream a reality, quite frankly, 
how to be a badass at what you do and owning it. A creative twist on the idea of "self-help", 
these books will keep you interested and excited to learn about taking yourself 
and your business to the next level. 

#Girlboss is the story of Sophia Amoruso, founder of Nasty gal
an online powerhouse website that started as a very small business 
and is now a corporate powerhouse. This book is all about teaching you 
to trust your instincts, without sugar coating the truth. Smart and witty, 
this book will be one of the best things you can do for yourself! I 
have started this book, and literally cannot put it down.

Anther book that is all about finding yourself and your true you is: 
My mom told me about his book, and I am so glad she did. It is all about
standing up for yourself, pursuing your passion and not letting other people define you.
Written by Tabitha Coffey, this strong, independent business woman will
inspire you to be yourself and do what you love!

Emily, at Cupcake and Cashmere in one of her most recent Ask Emily series, 
gave advice to a reader who asked what to do if you're not happy in your current 
job/career and if you're not sure what direction you want to head in at all. 
Recently, before I really decided to dive into pursuing my own company 
(which I have been working on {on the side} for the past couple of years) 
I was feeling this exact same way. I haven't been happy working in the corporate 8-5 job 
with layers of drama and the stale corporate interiors that come with these kinds of jobs. 
It can be extremely daunting and scary to make the decision to step away from what 
society tells you is the right path for those of us just coming out of college and to 
forge forward towards what you're really passionate about and what gets you excited, everyday. 
Emily mentioned a book, What color is your Parachute
This book is a great guide for those of us looking to find what we really 
want to do and gives the tools needed to find the right fit - or in my case, 
how to guide me in the right direction with my own business. 
I highly recommend it for those readers that are having a hard time figuring things out!

This weekend you will find me with my nose deep in one of these books! Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Beauty Review {Frank Coffee Scrub}

As someone who has been in the beauty industry, am always trying new products. 
I have always loved obtaining samples and trying beauty products out for a couple of days
before deciding whether or not I want to buy the larger container. I can't wait
to share with you some of my favorite products that I have come upon. I am going
to give you my honest opinion about each of the products featured, even if there
is something I dislike about them. The good and the bad - I just want to be honest with you.
Sometimes I find products I absolutely love and sometimes I find some that I won't use again, 
but there are so many out there, it's fun to at least give them a try.

what it is: Frank Coffee Scrub, a coffee based body scrub in original 

how much does it cost: formulas range from $14.95 - $17.95

what you get: 200mg of coffee scrub infused with sweet almond oils, 
orange, brown sugar, sea salt and vitamins/minerals (this comes in the original formula)

what is the claim to fame: smooth, moisturize, tone, while targeting celulite, 
stretch marks, psoriasis, varicose veins, eczema and acne.

what I liked: This was the first coffee scrub I had ever tried, and so I wasn't 
sure what to expect. I really loved the feeling of the oils on my skin once the scrub was 
rinsed off. The coffee scrub made my skin incredibly soft and 
it made it feel like I had already moisturized (even when I hadn't). 
I used on the bottom of my feet, which is a big problem area for me, 
put on some socks overnight and they feel completely rejuvenated and soft.

The plus - Frank Body Scrub offers Free Shipping, yippee!
The website is easy to use, the orders ship quickly and the brains behind the company
are super witty and fun. This scrub would be perfect for a bride to be to use before her wedding, 
and just as an all-over scrub to make you feel like you're having a day at the spa.

what I didn't like: it was a bit be expected, but it was hard to put on, 
wait five minutes and rinse off, without making a big mess and being a bit chilly in the shower.

will i use it again: most definitely. i'm excited to try the other two formulas - 
grapeseed & coconut and cacoa.

*This post was not sponsored, these are my honest and true opinions
based on my own experience and findings.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Why I Love Blogging

There have been a lot of people lately saying blogs are becoming insignificant behind the presence of instagram and other social media outlets. As a blogger who has been writing and reading for the past 5+ years, I find this to be upsetting. I really hope the majority of people are not feeling this way, as I really love the connection I feel with other bloggers. While I love looking at the pictures on instagram and seeing a glimpse into their lives, I really love reading more in depth about what is going on in their lives. There are many people who post on instagram who are no longer blogging, and while I do enjoy their pictures, I miss hearing the in depth stories about the exciting things they used to share and experience on their blog. I cannot tell you how many blog friends i've made over the last few years, and being able to hear the story of how they became engaged, or the new excitement they're experiencing after relocation for a job. The in-depth writing that is shared, really makes me excited to read (and write) a blog. 

That being said, I wanted to share all the ways you can keep up with Chic Coles -
from Emails that come directly to your inbox with the most recent post (one of the easiest ways to keep up with the blog) to our social media pages. You can also sign up with Bloglovin' - a free, online resource that allows you to follow blogs and view the new posts all in one place (similar to the old google reader). With all of these different options, it is easy for blogs to be one of your go-to daily reads, without having to give up what made blogs so great to begin with! I love blogging and 
I hope you'll continue reading with one of these easy options! 

Email Subscription


Social Media

Monday, June 23, 2014

Ear Cuffs and Studs

I am so incredibly intrigued by the new trend of ear cuffs.
They are feminine and such an original twist from the simple
studs that I wear often. I love the designs that are a little bit more understated,
but that incorporate different gemstones, pearls or diamonds (even if they're fake!)
I have also included some of my favorite studs that are unique but that still make a statement!
What do you think? Have you tried an ear cuff?

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Gray Malin on One Kings Lane

Danielle Oakey Interiors and I have been on the same wavelength lately - 
especially when it comes to the Gray Malin collection on One Kings Lane
I have been lusting over one of his amazing prints 
(I especially love the Escape Ballons on the beach). I have
been wanting one of his pieces for a while now, and since they're on 
One Kings Lane at a discounted price, it seems like the opportune time. 
I would like to put the Escape print (the large one) in my bedroom - I always
thought of my room as being a dreamy place, exactly like traveling!

Gray Malin's paintings have become iconic as his style is 
original and creative. He takes most of his pictures from an open
door helicopter, allowing him to get a birds eye view of the landscape
below him. How cool is that?

*Head over to Danielle's blog to see her picks!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Birthday Wish List

With a little over a month until my 26th Birthday, I wanted to
share my birthday list! In my family, for any birthday or special occasion
where gifts are being exchanged, we all go in on one large present. Now that we're 
older, we appreciate receiving one very nice present instead of multiple smaller presents.
Last year I received an amazing David Yurman Ring (i'm obsessed with it!) and it is so
meaningful since it came from every member of my family. This year, i'm hoping for the same
thing and I have included options that range in prices and styles. 

Apple Gift Card for a new Desktop I-Mac // Miller Sandal // My new favorite perfume

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Botanical Gardens

Strolling through botanical gardens is one of my favorite weekend past times. 
I had a few images from my trip I took down at the 
San Antonio Botanical Gardens that I wanted to share. 
Since these specific gardens are in Texas, there was a large culmination of 
succulents, ferns and warm weather plants. One of my favorite exhibits was
the greenhouse conservatory. Each exhibition room had something different to
offer and one of them even had a waterfall and fountains. It was just beautiful!

And for those with the green thumb (or looking for it!) - these are my 
favorite gardening gloves. They're breathable and lightweight, plus you can wash them!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Inspiration Around the Web 6.16

Having a blog (and social media outlets) is always such a great way to stay connected with 
the things going on around the internet - it is such a community of 
creative professionals and I am so excited that I get to be apart of it! 
My favorite aspect is stumbling upon new inspiration - from artists to 
interior designers, fashionistas and amazing new products. I find myself with
a long Reading List and screen shots until I have the time to properly spend the time
required to appreciate all that they have to offer. 

I will be starting a couple of new weekly features, 
one of them being a feature where I 
will share a couple of these new to me discoveries. 
It might be a website, or just an image that 
I loved on instagram (which is one of the best places to discover this new inspiration - 
you can follow me here!). The one thing that I wish Instagram incorporated, 
was keeping track of what images I like. It tells me who likes my images, 
but once I like an image and move on, I have no way to retrieve these liked images. 
So I like to document these images by taking a screen shot 
of them to be able to go back and reference them later on. 
This is my way of taking notes and I am excited to share what inspires me in this new series!

So here is my first Inspiration around the web:

sarakatestudios                //                    story_of_us

magnoliarouge // michellearmas007

minted // couldihavethat

Friday, June 13, 2014

Chic Coles E*Design Project

Happy Friday! We wanted to share with you a recent project we completed.
This specific project was an E*Design for the interior of a home on the market, and 
they came to us wanting to create an interior guaranteed to appeal to potential buyers. 
We worked with both the builder and a real estate agent and we love how this turned out!

The home has 4 bedrooms, 4 1/2 bathroom with a large open concept floor plan 
with the kitchen open to the living room. There is a small den off of the kitchen/dining area
that is visible when you first walk in the door. We made this space very chic and feminine with 
a gold and glass coffee table, white settee and matching gold side tables. The home is in 
Rowayton, Connecticut, so we made sure to incorporate nautical accents as it's very close to the water!

*Ps. Thank you to DecorBase for the background image for my e*design

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Old Navy Pajamas

I stopped in to Old Navy yesterday and was so excited to see 
all of the bright colors, bikinis and of course, these adorable 
pajama pants. The best part? They're only $12! The navy and pink
 with seahorses are my favorite two combinations. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Rehearsal Dinner Options

With less than three months until Cassandra's and Roger's wedding, 
I have been working on what I will be wearing to the rehearsal dinner 
taking place at a swanky brewery in northern New Hampshire. 
Being a bridesmaid (one of two), we already have the dress picked out for 
the day of the wedding. I want to wear a cocktail dress and I want it to be 
colorful and with really fun accessories. Bright colors with bold jewelry. 
Is there an option that is your favorite? Would you mix and match the
accessories in a different way than I chose? I'd love your opinion!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Bright Pink and Stripes

I don't often wear pumps, as wedges are definitely my go-to shoe style.
These bright pink pumps, however, are too fabulous to pass up.
I love combining heels with capri white jeans, navy dresses and 
a chic pair of black pants to add a pop of fun (and color) to a workday.
You cannot go wrong with a leather tote and I love the one featured
as the color is the perfect neutral. I am so inspired by this style photo 
that I will be re-creating this same outfit this coming weekend on a trip
to the farmers market! The peonies will be a must.

*I do not have the original location for the style photo, if you know where/who it belongs to, please let me know so I can add the correct credit!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Overflowing with Peonies

I'm jumping on the Peony bandwagon, but taking it one step further.
While at Trader Joe's this past weekend, 
I picked up a bouquet of bright pink peonies.
They are my absolute favorite flower and I just love 
this time of year when they are readily available. 
Trader Joes and Whole Foods are just overflowing with peonies 
in every color and walking out with a handful, just makes me happy. 
Not to mention they smell exquisite!

Speaking of peonies, I wanted to share beautiful peony artwork from Thomas Darnell.
When I first saw his work, I thought for sure it was a photograph. The images
have such precision and detail with crisp edges and beautiful colors - they are
extremely life like and for someone who loves peonies, I really felt like I hit
the artwork jackpot! Originally from Texas, Thomas took a leap of faith and moved
to France (swoon worthy, right!?) to pursue his passion for painting. His website 
features landscapes, abstracts and additional flower paintings, all of which are 
incredibly stunning. Enjoy!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Hanging Succulent Planters

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I spent this weekend 

planning for this week, while also letting myself relax poolside.
While I have been working on my domestic capabilities, my gardening skills are just not up to par yet. Succulents do not require a ton of attention, which make them the best kind of plant for me! That being said, there are some really great "succulent planters" available that offer unique and fun ways to display and organize these succulents. This month's Houzz ideabook is all about planters for all kinds of plants. My favorites however, are these hanging succulent planters.

 Porcelain Air Plant Hanging Planter Set // Chevron Hanging Succulent Planter
Hanging Shell Planters // Diamond Wall Tile Planters // Hanging Glass Bubble Planters

You can buy a collection of succulents at your local florist 
or at Home Depot and Lowes. Having different shapes and styles of 
succulents will make your hanging planters unique, diverse and fun!