Monday, June 16, 2014

Inspiration Around the Web 6.16

Having a blog (and social media outlets) is always such a great way to stay connected with 
the things going on around the internet - it is such a community of 
creative professionals and I am so excited that I get to be apart of it! 
My favorite aspect is stumbling upon new inspiration - from artists to 
interior designers, fashionistas and amazing new products. I find myself with
a long Reading List and screen shots until I have the time to properly spend the time
required to appreciate all that they have to offer. 

I will be starting a couple of new weekly features, 
one of them being a feature where I 
will share a couple of these new to me discoveries. 
It might be a website, or just an image that 
I loved on instagram (which is one of the best places to discover this new inspiration - 
you can follow me here!). The one thing that I wish Instagram incorporated, 
was keeping track of what images I like. It tells me who likes my images, 
but once I like an image and move on, I have no way to retrieve these liked images. 
So I like to document these images by taking a screen shot 
of them to be able to go back and reference them later on. 
This is my way of taking notes and I am excited to share what inspires me in this new series!

So here is my first Inspiration around the web:

sarakatestudios                //                    story_of_us

magnoliarouge // michellearmas007

minted // couldihavethat


Rachel said...

Likes are saved in Insta, temporarily: go to your Insta profile (on the iPhone at least), click on the round gear looking button at the top right, then click on "Posts You've Like". The last hundred or so likes are saved there.

You can also go to If This Then That (IFTT) and set up a program so that your Insta likes feed to a Tunblr account. I set up a Tumblr specifically to record for posterity my Insta likes. Now if only they would feed right to my Pinterest...

Chic Coles said...

This is genius! Thank you so much, Rachel!

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