Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Home Office Design

I have been wanting to put together a design board of the items
I am going to use for my home office. I want it to be comfortable, yet
clean and sophisticated, as well as highly functional! I can't wait to see 
how these products look all together in the space!

Elise Allen Artwork // TJ Maxx Office Chair // White Storage Unit

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Headed to the Beach

I'm headed to The Hamptons later this week, and I have a few essentials
I love to take with me when I hit the beach. Cover ups, tote bags, cozy towels and 
sandals. It is imperative to bring sunscreen (this is my new favorite), headphones, 
a little snack and of course a bottle of water to keep me hydrated. Sometimes i'll 
even bring a second dry suit if I want to walk around town or grab some lunch! 

Friday, July 25, 2014

Baggu - Eco Friendly Bags

You have to get one of these Baggu - Eco Friendly Bags.
Last night my mom and I went to the grocery store and she 
pulled out the cutest reusable, and eco-friendly shopping bag
to take home all of our groceries. It was the nautical stripe Baggu bag
and I came home and ordered myself a couple. 

They are the perfect material and size, and they fold up into a very small 
little pouch, so you can throw them in your purse and keep them there!
I always have such great intentions of using my reusable bags, but always 
forget them in the car when I get to the grocery store...but once I have these babies
with me in my purse, I will only have to remember to use them when I checkout.
Talk about easy, and cute! I get a lot of anxiety when I am piling plastic bags into my
car, but I am taking a vow to only use these reusable bags from now on. Plus, the patterns
and colors are so fun, they're a no-brainer!

The Baggu Bags come in three different sizes - Standard, Baby and Big. 
Each have different price points, but all are under $15!

Happy Shopping! Have a great weekend and 
we'll see you monday!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Beauty Review {Beautycounter Lustro Face Oils}

how much does it cost: $64.00 for each container of Lustro Oil.

what you get: .34oz in one container. There are three different oils -
#1 - Calendula
#2 - Jasmine
#3 - Ylang Ylang and Wild Chamomile

what is the claim to fame: Lustro oils lock in moisture and calm skin irritation without
clogging pores. These oils are pure plant based, that are full of antioxidants, and essential
fatty acids that protect, soothe and plump skin, while being absorbed into the skin quickly. Antimicrobial and ultra-hydrating, make these oils great for acne-prone skin. 

#1 Calendula Oil - Made from Marigold which is known to soothe, 
moisturize and refresh all skin types. Has a warm, 
earthy floral scent and is great for sensitive or irritated skin.

#2 - Jasmine Oil - White floral scent and enhances the tone 
and suppleness of skin. Great for dry or tired skin.

#3 - Ylang Ylang and Wild Chamomile to balance oil production and soothe skin. 
This oil is great for very dry, very oily, or complicated combination skin.

what I liked: Beautycounter is revolutionizing the way
individuals use and buy makeup and skincare. Their products and the Lustro Oils 
are made from all natural products, without sacrificing performance. I like 
using a product that is upfront about what they are using, and have a large list of ingredients
they never use because they are known to be harmful. 

Aside from the natural ingredients and their goal to make safe and effective products, 
the Lustro Oil made my skin extremely soft. I used it after washing my face at night as 
a hydrating alternative to moisturizer. My second night, I added a couple of drops to my 
existing moisturizer (an aveno night cream) and it made the moisturizer super-hydrating.
My third and fourth uses of the Lustro Oil was as a makeup primer. I was nervous to give this
a try because during the day I tend to get oily skin under my makeup, but I used a couple of drops under my foundation, and my makeup felt great throughout the day. It was amazing that using an oil 
on my face didn't make it feel oily. The Jasmine (#2) was my favorite scent, but the Calendula (#1) is 
the best fit for my skin type. I have combination skin (oily t-zone and mostly normal everywhere else)
with a bit of acne in certain areas around my face.

what I didn't like: I loved everything about these oils! At first I was nervous trying an oil 
underneath my makeup, but it worked really well as a primer. It kept my tinted moisturizer in place
and kept my oily t-zone from feeling overly oily.

will i use it again: I love the way the oils make my skin feel - plus I feel great using
a product that I know has been carefully created without harmful substances. How great is 
it knowing that what you are putting on your skin is safe!

Aside from ordering online, you can also contact a Beautycounter rep
who will be able to customize and recommend different products based on your 
skin types and needs. Annie Jackson is the one I use and you can email her at:
ajacksonbeautycounter at gmail dot com

*This post was not sponsored, these are my honest and true opinions
based on my own experience and findings. Samples provided to me
by Beautycounter.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

DIY Succulent Muffin Tin Planter

I am so excited to share a recent DIY (do it yourself)
project that I that I have been wanting 
to do for a while, and one that is easy with great results. 
I created a succulent muffin tin planter, using a vintage muffin tin
that I found at a local antique shop, and succulents from a local nursery.

Use your hammer and nail to create a small hole in the bottom of 
each of the muffin holes. This will allow the succulent to 
drain water and for the roots to breath a little. 
Pull the succulents out of their existing planters and organize them
according to where you would like to plant them. Add soil to the muffin tin
(the amount of soil will depend on the kind of succulent you are using).
If you are using a succulent with long roots, you will not need as much soil.
Play around with the amount and the roots to make sure they fit comfortably.

Once the succulents have been placed and planted, 
take the small, light colored pebbled (the smaller, the better!)
and place them underneath the succulents, above the soil. 

After you add the pebbles, go back through and make sure
that each succulent has enough to cover the dark soil. It makes 
a big difference having the light colored pebbles peeking through
the succulent plants. Sweep off extra pebbles, water and voila!
You have your very own Succulent Vintage Muffin Tin Planter!

Etsy has some great options for Vintage Muffin Tins, you can peruse their
selection here and you can read all about succulent care in this article

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

TJ Maxx Geometric Chair Finds

I'm back today after a wonderful 26th Birthday,
spent with my family. It was an early morning and
a late night, so I wanted to pop in quickly and just share
some of my favorite patterns from my recent trip to TJ Maxx.
While you can't shop home on TJ's website just yet, most of their
stores have a great selection of home goods...these images are taken at 
two different stores in different states!

They have just been knocking it out of the park with their fun
chairs with geometric patterns, bold colors and tufted armchairs.
The home selection is one of my favorite places to find great deals
and I always find myself snapping pictures of their fabrics. I would love to 
use one for an office chair for a new office nook! 

Ps. You can still shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale here!
(with free shipping!)

Friday, July 18, 2014

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I am sure you have seen around the blog-o-sphere that Nordstrom is having their
Anniversary Sale, but I wanted to share a few of my favorite pieces available at the moment, 
since Nordstrom is one of my favorite online shopping destinations. (This is generally because
of their price point, as you can find some really cute things at reasonable prices and FREE SHIPPING!)
Plus - it's friday, and most of my picks are colorful and fun, just in time for the weekend!
So if nothing else, enjoy the eye candy and have a great weekend!!

1. Tan Expandable Tote (this one's only $36!!) // 2. Stripe Band Workout Pants

3. Hanky Panky Undies (in awesome colors) // 4. Embroidered One Piece Suit (this is adorable!)

5. Kendra Scott Danielle Earrings (you can't go wrong with these!) 6. Work Tote (splurge a little)

7. Philosophy Raspberry Sorbet 3-in-1 (my absolute favorite scent) 

8. Tory Burch Zip Wallet  (this is great for fall)

9. Embroidered Cover Up (to match the one piece suit!)

This beauty accessory is a new staple, pendant necklaces are my favorite style,
and this top looks super comfy for a cooler night.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Connaught in London

Last week I posted about ombre curtains and the draperies 
in the Apartment of the Connaught in London were included in my roundup.  
Once I viewed the complete tour, I knew I wanted to share the entire apartment, 
designed by David Collins.From the front doors, to the gold frames, the different moldings used in throughout thespace, grasscloth wallpaper, as well as the intricate detail that was so carefully thought out, everything is done so well. Even the selection of flowers matches the tone of the apartment!

I highly recommend this walk through - the video is carefully curated
and really well done.

I would love to have a bed like this - a different kind of canopy 
than i'm used to seeing, but I love the ability to draw the curtains on a brilliant nice sleep!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Unique Kitchen Essentials

While I am working on my cooking skills, I find it is so fun to have
kitchen accessories that add a bit of flare to my dinner preparation. 
Things like colorful spatulas make cooking more enjoyable 
and somehow it all makes your food takes more delicious. 
I have started to start drinking more tea (now that I have this)
and I have been wanting a unique mug for my morning drink.

Do you have any original kitchen accessories that you love to use?

Monday, July 14, 2014

Alice and Trixie Dresses

There are a few brands that I started wearing a while ago, 
that are still my favorite. Alice and Trixie is one of them! 
Their patterns, colors and silhouettes are flattering and fun, 
and I am absolutely in love with the 
Gemma Dress, both the maxi and the mini. The great thing
about buying dresses like these, is that they are made with quality
material, so they last a long time. I have one from almost 8 years ago
and it is still in great condition. These dresses are definitely worth the investment!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Navigate Towards Your Dreams

Happy Friday to all our readers!
I put together this little nautical themed "photo shoot"
because I had picked up these adorable note cards
and had a few other nautical things that I thought 
would be fun to put together as some inspiration 
before the weekend (similar shorts here)! 
Hope you have a great one, and see you monday!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Beauty Review {It's Potent by Benefit}

how much does it cost: One container is $34.00

what you get: 0.5 oz of under eye cream. This is plenty and 
will last you a while, because you do not need a lot for each 
application. (only a very small dollop is needed for each eye!)

what is the claim to fame: Since the skin under our eyes are one of the first places
we show signs of stress (even a bad night sleep is evident!), It's Potent is used first 
and foremost as an under eye brightening cream. It is also used to smooth fine lines,
targets and maximizes firmness and elasticity while hydrating at the same time.
Hello! Who wouldn't want to try this!

what I liked: This eye cream is basically magic. It doesn't irritate my eyes 
(I have very sensitive eyes and can only wear certain kinds of makeup). 
It works really well for brightening up my under eye area and while I do not have a ton of wrinkles (yet...)this formula is used to reduce the look of fine lines. The eye cream is also moisturizing 
yet lightweight and I put it on in the morning before I apply my under eye concealer as 
it absorbs quickly and doesn't leave a greasy residue behind. (that's the worst!)
Place a small amount under your eye with your ring finger (the skin beneath your 
eye is extremely fragile, and your ring finger is the weakest finger - allowing you 
to be extra gentle while applying). Spread out to the side of your eye, up near your 
temple to add brightening and illumination there as well. That way, when you apply
your concealer under your eye, you still have the brightness near your temple.
Plus - I love the container it comes in with the cork top!

what I didn't like: There was nothing I didn't like about this eye cream and will
be using it every day going forward. While my dark circles are not terribly
noticeable, this has completely changed the way make up looks on me.
I do not have to use as much under eye concealer and if I am in a rush, 
I can go without the concealer and still have a bright eye area.
I do have fair skin, so it might make a bigger difference because of the contrast
between my skin and my dark under eyes. 

will i use it again: I'm using it EVERY DAY.

*This post was not sponsored, these are my honest and true opinions
based on my own experience and findings.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Inspiration Around the Web 7/9

Most of the images I choose for my Inspiration
Around the Web series are ones with interior
design ideas, beautiful pieces of jewelry, or 
DIY projects that I would love to try. Since I love Instagram, 
most of the images come from different accounts
that I have happened upon, which is always so fun. 
If you'd like to visit me on my instagram, 
head on over to
If you yourselves have an instagram account, 
share your username so I can follow along!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ombre Curtains

After seeing these Ombre Lace Curtains from 
Anthropologie, I haven't been able to get the idea out
of my head! It is such a fun design element, and while it can 
sometimes be a bit trendy, when done correctly, it can look 
sophisticated and chic. I love the way these rooms have been put together, 
and the ombre window treatments pull the room together in a cohesive way.
I also love that all of the rooms I found with ombre curtains use a blue hue - 
clearly it's just what my eye is drawn to!

Images 2 and 3 // Images 4 & 5 // Image 6

Monday, July 7, 2014

Fashion Favorites {Skirts}

 I used to wear a lot of skirts in highschool and college, however
when I got my first corporate job out of college, the only skirts I wore
were the generic pencil skirts that were appropriate for my workplace. 
(these were generally black, boring and very conservative). 

Now that I have a little bit more freedom in what I wear, and just in a 
desire to expand my wardrobe, I will definitely be incorporating more skirts. 
The maxi skirt is perfect for a hot summer day when you want to wear 
strappy sandals and a cute top. These are easily dressed up or down depending
on your plans. Mini skirts are fun and flirty and I love the ones with a little bit 
of personality, color or pattern. Pencil skirts can be great for a wide range of occasions, 
and the jean pencil skirt, when done correctly (not frumpy or shredded) can be 
very chic and fun.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Beauty Review {Boscia Facial Sponge}

what it is: Boscia Konjac Cleansing Sponge with Bamboo Charcoal
(fancy word for a facial sponge)

how much does it cost: $18.00

what you get: one Cleansing Sponge and a Boscia Detoxifying Cleanser sample

what is the claim to fame: pore perfecting "pillow-soft" sponge with bamboo charcoal for
smooth, soft skin. Cleanses and exfoliates to deliver smooth, soft, and brighter skin. Konjac 
root absorbs debris and impurities from the face and the bamboo charcoal acts as an antibacterial.
Draws out impurities, minimize the appearance of pores and reduce blemish-causing bacteria.

what I liked: The sponge is extremely soft and is a great alternative to using 
a washcloth or your hands. Place a cleanser of your choice on the sponge 
and apply on your face. I used the Boscia Detoxifying Cleanser, which makes 
my skin feel like it has received a deep clean. The sponge is great for everyday use
and does not irritate my skin (I have semi-sensitive, combination skin
with occasional breakouts, however, I have larger pores and black heads).  

what I didn't like: I generally like to have something a little bit more abrasive
(like my clarisonic), so I added the Boscia Tsubaki Oil-Infused Exfoliating Powder.
You add this to your cleanser (and the sponge) and it adds a little bit more power to
the sponge. 

will i use it again: I have been using it every day for 2 weeks and I LOVE it. 
I use it once a day (generally at night) and my clarisonic in the morning.

If you have more normal skin, there is a white Boscia Konjac sponge
(it doesn't have the bamboo charcoal - used to fight blemishes).

*This post was not sponsored, these are my honest and true opinions
based on my own experience and findings.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Turkish Area Rugs

There has been an emergence of the Turkish Area Rug within the design sphere
and I absolutely love this design feature. Every time I see one used within a space, 
I just love the look and the bright, fun feeling it creates. I will be using a bright, colorful 
and geometric turkish rug in my future home office, with neutral accents and furniture used 
throughout, so the rug will be the main focal point of the room. 
I can't wait to find the perfect one for my space! 

From Top Left clockwise around:

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Forth of July Dresses

With the 4th of July weekend quickly approaching, 
I wanted to share some of my favorite looks for one of my favorite holidays.
This year, the 4th of July fireworks I will be attending, are happening on Saturday 
Night, and since they will be in upstate New Hampshire, I will need a more casual 
dress and one that will accommodate sitting on the lawn with a bunch of people. 
So for me, i'm thinking the navy and white chevron maxi dress would be perfect!
I also have a pair of metallic gold snakeskin sandals and my Kendra Scott pendant necklace
that I will be pairing with it to complete the outfit!

***All of these looks are from Zappo's, which offers 1-Business Day FREE SHIPPING!
That means if you order before 1pm PST, you will receive it the very next day, and in time
for your 4th of July weekend!