Friday, July 25, 2014

Baggu - Eco Friendly Bags

You have to get one of these Baggu - Eco Friendly Bags.
Last night my mom and I went to the grocery store and she 
pulled out the cutest reusable, and eco-friendly shopping bag
to take home all of our groceries. It was the nautical stripe Baggu bag
and I came home and ordered myself a couple. 

They are the perfect material and size, and they fold up into a very small 
little pouch, so you can throw them in your purse and keep them there!
I always have such great intentions of using my reusable bags, but always 
forget them in the car when I get to the grocery store...but once I have these babies
with me in my purse, I will only have to remember to use them when I checkout.
Talk about easy, and cute! I get a lot of anxiety when I am piling plastic bags into my
car, but I am taking a vow to only use these reusable bags from now on. Plus, the patterns
and colors are so fun, they're a no-brainer!

The Baggu Bags come in three different sizes - Standard, Baby and Big. 
Each have different price points, but all are under $15!

Happy Shopping! Have a great weekend and 
we'll see you monday!


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