Thursday, July 24, 2014

Beauty Review {Beautycounter Lustro Face Oils}

how much does it cost: $64.00 for each container of Lustro Oil.

what you get: .34oz in one container. There are three different oils -
#1 - Calendula
#2 - Jasmine
#3 - Ylang Ylang and Wild Chamomile

what is the claim to fame: Lustro oils lock in moisture and calm skin irritation without
clogging pores. These oils are pure plant based, that are full of antioxidants, and essential
fatty acids that protect, soothe and plump skin, while being absorbed into the skin quickly. Antimicrobial and ultra-hydrating, make these oils great for acne-prone skin. 

#1 Calendula Oil - Made from Marigold which is known to soothe, 
moisturize and refresh all skin types. Has a warm, 
earthy floral scent and is great for sensitive or irritated skin.

#2 - Jasmine Oil - White floral scent and enhances the tone 
and suppleness of skin. Great for dry or tired skin.

#3 - Ylang Ylang and Wild Chamomile to balance oil production and soothe skin. 
This oil is great for very dry, very oily, or complicated combination skin.

what I liked: Beautycounter is revolutionizing the way
individuals use and buy makeup and skincare. Their products and the Lustro Oils 
are made from all natural products, without sacrificing performance. I like 
using a product that is upfront about what they are using, and have a large list of ingredients
they never use because they are known to be harmful. 

Aside from the natural ingredients and their goal to make safe and effective products, 
the Lustro Oil made my skin extremely soft. I used it after washing my face at night as 
a hydrating alternative to moisturizer. My second night, I added a couple of drops to my 
existing moisturizer (an aveno night cream) and it made the moisturizer super-hydrating.
My third and fourth uses of the Lustro Oil was as a makeup primer. I was nervous to give this
a try because during the day I tend to get oily skin under my makeup, but I used a couple of drops under my foundation, and my makeup felt great throughout the day. It was amazing that using an oil 
on my face didn't make it feel oily. The Jasmine (#2) was my favorite scent, but the Calendula (#1) is 
the best fit for my skin type. I have combination skin (oily t-zone and mostly normal everywhere else)
with a bit of acne in certain areas around my face.

what I didn't like: I loved everything about these oils! At first I was nervous trying an oil 
underneath my makeup, but it worked really well as a primer. It kept my tinted moisturizer in place
and kept my oily t-zone from feeling overly oily.

will i use it again: I love the way the oils make my skin feel - plus I feel great using
a product that I know has been carefully created without harmful substances. How great is 
it knowing that what you are putting on your skin is safe!

Aside from ordering online, you can also contact a Beautycounter rep
who will be able to customize and recommend different products based on your 
skin types and needs. Annie Jackson is the one I use and you can email her at:
ajacksonbeautycounter at gmail dot com

*This post was not sponsored, these are my honest and true opinions
based on my own experience and findings. Samples provided to me
by Beautycounter.


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