Wednesday, July 23, 2014

DIY Succulent Muffin Tin Planter

I am so excited to share a recent DIY (do it yourself)
project that I that I have been wanting 
to do for a while, and one that is easy with great results. 
I created a succulent muffin tin planter, using a vintage muffin tin
that I found at a local antique shop, and succulents from a local nursery.

Use your hammer and nail to create a small hole in the bottom of 
each of the muffin holes. This will allow the succulent to 
drain water and for the roots to breath a little. 
Pull the succulents out of their existing planters and organize them
according to where you would like to plant them. Add soil to the muffin tin
(the amount of soil will depend on the kind of succulent you are using).
If you are using a succulent with long roots, you will not need as much soil.
Play around with the amount and the roots to make sure they fit comfortably.

Once the succulents have been placed and planted, 
take the small, light colored pebbled (the smaller, the better!)
and place them underneath the succulents, above the soil. 

After you add the pebbles, go back through and make sure
that each succulent has enough to cover the dark soil. It makes 
a big difference having the light colored pebbles peeking through
the succulent plants. Sweep off extra pebbles, water and voila!
You have your very own Succulent Vintage Muffin Tin Planter!

Etsy has some great options for Vintage Muffin Tins, you can peruse their
selection here and you can read all about succulent care in this article


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