Monday, July 7, 2014

Fashion Favorites {Skirts}

 I used to wear a lot of skirts in highschool and college, however
when I got my first corporate job out of college, the only skirts I wore
were the generic pencil skirts that were appropriate for my workplace. 
(these were generally black, boring and very conservative). 

Now that I have a little bit more freedom in what I wear, and just in a 
desire to expand my wardrobe, I will definitely be incorporating more skirts. 
The maxi skirt is perfect for a hot summer day when you want to wear 
strappy sandals and a cute top. These are easily dressed up or down depending
on your plans. Mini skirts are fun and flirty and I love the ones with a little bit 
of personality, color or pattern. Pencil skirts can be great for a wide range of occasions, 
and the jean pencil skirt, when done correctly (not frumpy or shredded) can be 
very chic and fun.


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