Thursday, August 7, 2014

Beauty Review {Beachy Wave Sprays}

what it is
(left) - bumble and bumble surf spray
(right) - love + salt "making waves" hair and body spray

how much does it cost:

bumble and bumble - $26 / 4oz
love + salt - $24 / 8oz 

what is the product?
Both of these products are used after you wash your hair
and you're looking for that beachy waves look. It adds texture and volume
to the hair and enhances the "just off the beach" hair look.

how do you use it?:
Right after you wash your hair, before brushing, set your part and then
 use the spray while scrunching different parts of your hair in an upward motion. 
So start with the front section and while you have the hair scrunched up 
in your hand, spray the space and scrunch it into your hair.
Do this along the entirety of your hair and then let it air dry.

what I liked
I have naturally wavy hair. If I wash and air dry my hair (without brushing it), I get 
long waves in my hair. I found that the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray made my 
waves more defined and like I had just come out of the waves at the beach. I liked
that the Bumble and Bumble spray did not make my hair stiff or oily.

The Love + Salt spray can be used as a body and hair spray - just spritz it on your
skin for a little glow. The Love + Salt spray smells amazing! Plus, the ingredients in this product
are all natural and there are no toxic chemicals or unhealthy additives. big plus!!

I also love that you can get mini-sizes for both of these products!
bumble and bumble 1.7 oz - $15
love + salt 2 oz - $10

what I didn't love
The Love + Salt spray didn't give my hair as definite a wave look. 
The bottom of my hair was very wavy and beachy, but the top didn't have as much definition. 
Next time, I will try scrunching the top of my hair and spraying more on those areas. 

The Bumble + Bumble has a few ingredients that I cannot even pronounce, 
and while I really like the way it makes my hair look, I like that the love + salt spray
has ingredients I actually know what they are!

will i use it again
Since I have both of the full size products, I will definitely be using these again. 
I will be using the bumble and bumble surf spray for those days when I need the 
more defined beach waves and the salt + love spray on my skin and for the days I
don't want to style my hair as much. 

*This post was not sponsored, these are my honest and true opinions
based on my own experience and findings.


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