Friday, September 19, 2014

Kingsley's Favorite Pet Accessories

3. Plush Dog Bed (love this colorway and made of recycled materials)

Having a labrador retriever, means a lot of exercise, 
and a lot of attention! Kingsley loves to play with tennis balls, 
frisbees and rope toys. He also loves playing with stuffed animals
that actually house water bottles (they're pretty neat!) Aside from toys, 
Kingsley wears a Give Bones collar. For every collar that is purchased,
10% of all proceeds are donated to animal shelters to aid in the 
effort to protect dogs that are in need of adoption. You can read more and 
purchase a Give Bones Collar here. Since Kingsley and I go for a lot of walks, 
I love my Up Country comfort leash, which features a padded fleece handle, 
perfect for when you need something comfy while you walk!
Kingsley loves all of these accessories and he hopes your dog will too!


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