Monday, February 9, 2015

Blizzard Wish List

It's been seven years since i've had a full 
New England Winter - and we're in the eye of the storm!
Literally! I woke up to another snow emergency with more on the way. 
Since the only one currently enjoying the continuous snowfall is my dog, 
I have resulted to window shopping on the internet while dreaming of a beach vacation!

One of my favorite companies that offers bright, fun and preppy pieces 
are helping me out of this seasonal slump!

I have a serious crush on blush handbags and love the Rebecca Minkoff bags
the blush color they have is called Primrose and seriously reminds me of spring!
I also love the color combination of blush and navy!

Maybe if I start dressing like spring, it will begin to feel like it!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Diane Kruger's Lilac Shift Dress

I saw this article on DailyMail a couple of days ago and absolutely fell in love with 
Diane Kruger's lilac dress she wore to the Golden Globes...
She looks amazing and being that purple is my favorite color (along with navy),
I sought out to find a dress similar to Diane's. 

I happened upon the exact same dress designed by Marni and while it is out of my budget, 
I absolutely love the color combination of the dress! The clutch and shoes I featured below are more affordable, but thought I would share the dress regardless! I found it very interesting that
lilac is not a color that is used very often in fashion (or at least the spring styles aren't out yet!).
I would love to find a dress that is similar in color and style!