Monday, March 2, 2015

Caring for Cashmere

Winter is still in full effect here in Boston, and as I am typing this -  
snow is currently falling, creating a new layer of freshly fallen snow. 
Inside, we are all trying to stay warm, bundled with blankets and cozy clothes! 
One of my favorite materials during the winter is cashmere - and while 
I have quite a few pieces, they are extremely difficult to wash. For a while, 
I brought my cashmere pieces to the dry cleaners - 
supposedly this is one of the worst things for your cashmere. 

J. Crew has the most amazing delicate wash for both cashmere as well as fine silks.
Instead of sending these to the dry cleaners, these washes (and spray) help extend
the life of your cashmere and silks and make them feel and smell wonderful!

Images via J.Crew


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