Monday, May 4, 2015

Casual Spring Pieces

My two fashion choices tend to be an overarching selection between (workout clothes, yoga pants, etc) for the very casual days and being dressed up for work or an evening out (dresses, heels, carefully curated accessories, etc). The latter takes considerably more effort than throwing on a pair of Lulu Lemons and a t-shirt while running errands or popping into a workout class. However, this past weekend while my sister and I were exploring Boston, it was the kind of day that warranted something a bit more than the normal workout outfit but something less than professional or evening attire.

Having a collection of casual pieces that are comfortable, easy to wear, and that can be paired with
wrap sweaters, wedges or sun hats! Shift dresses offer a relaxed feel that allow you to be ready for any plans! This Crochet Shift Dress ($50) is one of my favorite pieces - wear it with the Cotton Wrap Sweater, Metallic Wedges and Stripe Scarf, for put together, casual style!


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